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• Ku-band coverage for digital and analog
• Low noise figure
• Digital ready
• Low power consumption
• Easy Installation
• High quality weather protection


Input Frequency Range 11.70~12.75GHz
Output Frequency Range 950~1950MHz
Noise Figure 0.2 dB(Typ.)
Conversion Gain 60dB(Typ.)
Gain Flatness 0.5dB/26MHz
Cross POL. Isolation 25dB(Typ.)
L.O. Frequency 10.75GHz
L.O. Frequency Stability 1.0MHz(Max.)@+25C
Operating Temperature -30C~+70C
L.O. Phase Noise
Image Rejection 40dB(Min.)
Output VSWR 2.0:1(Max.)
Output Power 0dBm (Min.)(at 1dB gain compression)
Connector Type 75O Female Connector
DC Current Consumption 160mA (Typ.)
POL. Switching Voltage 10.5~14.0V @VP
16.0~20.0V @HP

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In Association with Gofastmotorsports.com

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