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What is a Wild Feed?

Wild Feeds Listings for C-Band

Wild Feeds -- I refer to a wild feed as a satellite transmission (uplink) from one location to another location (downlink) of a program usually intended for later broadcast. For example; Buena Vista Studios uses Galaxy 4R - 17 C-Band for doing just this. Here is a small list of some of the programming and the times that these shows have been broadcast;

MF 0000 T5/01 Unhappily Ever After Comedy
MF 0000 T5/24 Agday Farm News
MF 0030 T5/01 3rd Rock From The Sun (Old) Comedy
MF 0030 T6/08 Men From Mars, Women From Venus Talk (001002)
MF 0100 T5/01 House Calls Reality
MF 0100 T5/06 In The House Comedy
MF 0100 T5/08 NewsOne Late Pacific Feed (ABC) Newsfeed
MF 0100 T6/07 Jenny Jones Talk
MF 0130 T5/01 Grace Under Fire Comedy
MF 0130 T5/06 Parent'Hood Comedy
MF 0130 T5/24 Jeffersons, The Comedy
MF 0130 T5/24 Screen Gems Network Comedy
MF 0130 T6/08 Nanny, The Comedy
MF 0200 T5/01 Home Improvement Comedy
MF 0200 T5/06 Jamie Foxx (Old) Comedy (001006)
MF 0200 T5/10 Cosby Comedy

Most of these shows are being recorded by television stations across the United States to be aired in local markets at a later time in the week. For more current information, follow the link below for Wild Feeds listings for C-Band.

Wild Feeds Listings for C-Band


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